Stay with us…. Feel like home….live in Nature…..
A special place where memories are made every day…
Good food, positive feelings… enjoy a walk after food… Discuss topics…
Enjoy sitting out in nature after sunset,... Gel up with family…play Antakshari…..
As you would expect, the RutuGandh Resort offers luxuriously apartments that rate as the best accommodations at unbelievable price.
Relations are made in heaven…we just make them special at RutuGandh resort..

Welcome to Rutugandh Resort.

Relax, breathe fresh, pamper yourself and nurture your dreams...enliven!- stands the motto of Rutugandh. Senior citizens can still add to their treasure of memories ,all the beautiful moments and peace they live here.. Authentic Indian delicacies , serene ambience and your loved ones-a perfect holiday! The cozy, lavish and affordable shelter adds to the pleasures! So take a break ,embrace your life once again with us. We are one of the top most family resorts near Pune and resort in Pune ! Rutugandh welcomes you!

Among the never ending pressures of life, deadlines at work, in the search of progress what we have lost today is ourselves, our peace and happiness and that's when we feel we need a break,away from the stress in a place where there is only tranquility! So all the workaholics you need no second thought because we are right here to offer what you seek. RUTUGANDH welcomes you to the world where you can re- energise and breathe free! Just 25 Kms away from the Pune city, RutuGandh is situated besides the backwater of the Khadakwasla lake set in beautiful environment , guarded by the Sinhagad fort, in the vicinity of lush greenery, rustic fields and overlooking the lake, RutuGandh is a luxury resort that redefines the art of Leisure.RutuGandh is just the right place, you are seeking. A temple for your Body, Mind & Soul.To rejenuvate their energy, to refresh their mind and to relax for some time every one seeks a perfect getaway destination.

Our facilities

We provide a complete fun filled package to all our visitors which includes everything right from food to entertainment.we have the following facilities: Authentic Indian food at easy rates with varied packages A beautiful swimming pool for all the water lovers to enjoy...

Director message

pic7what we all need in today's world of competition and struggle is as simple as that-peace of mind and happiness. Realising this we have taken earnest steps to answer your worry and bring to you what you want. Rutugandh resort is the perfect place to be, where we can forget all our tensions and spend some time with ourselves and the wondrous nature.

Our dream is to provide you all with the best possible facilities of luxury and relaxation so that you go back home with all the memories that are worth cherishing!